Model Ci 806U
Screen(Byte) 2.4″ TFT Graphic Interface
Resolution 320*240
Fingerprint Capacity 3000 Fingerprint
Record Capacity 100000 Record
Identification Time ≤1s
Identification Mode Fingerprint/ID Card/Password
Authentication Mode 1:1, 1:N
Communication Protocols TCP/IP,RS485,WG26/34(Input/Output),U disk download
Smart Card ID Card
Other Function Alarm when log capacity is full
Built-in timing bell,Threatens Alarm, Anti-dismantlement Alarm,
Unlock Illegally Alarm,
Circumscribed Alarm, Time-out Alarm,Anti passback
Operating Environment Operating Temp: 0℃-50℃, Humidity:80%
Voltage range 100V~240V
Voltage range thailand 220V~240V
Power DC12V 1A
Language English,Thai(Other)
Size of the Terminal 181(L)*91(W)*36(H)MM
Optional Features Mifare Card(Option)