Carpark CMHD301

Dimention 280x340x1000 mm
Power Supply AC110 +-10%      AC220 +-13%
Frequency 50HZ. / 60HZ.
Power Consumption 150 Watts. 24V.
LED Display NO
Max Straight Arm 3 meters
Description/Speed 1 second
Work Temperature -40’c  to  85’c
Ralated Humidity <=90%
Protection Grade
Remote control Distance >30m.
Arm Swing Out(barrier hold)
Arm Swing Out(barrier hold) with pipi ruber P
Arm Swing Outbarrier round
barrier straight sliding octagon
barrier straight with red pipi rubber
barrier straight with black pipi rubber
barrier straight with light
barrier straight octagon P
barrier straight pressure wave rubber
barrier Max 90° folding arm
Manual Release yes
Motor Power Rate 电机功 80 watts
Motor Rated Speed电机速 300 r / min
Operation Life 电机寿 >=350 million
Atmospheric Pressure
Support Infrared sensor YES
Support Vehicle Loop Detector Internal and External