Carpark CMHD053-056

Dimention 340x280x1100mm 340x280x1100 mm
Power Supply       AC110 +-10%      AC220 +-10%       AC110 +-10%      AC220 +-10%
Frequency 50HZ. / 60HZ. 50HZ. / 60HZ.
Power Consumption 150 Watts. 24V. 150 Watts. 24V.
Max Straight Arm 4 meters 5 meters
Description/Speed 3 second 6 second
Work Temperature  -40’c  to  85’c  -40’c  to  85’c
Ralated Humidity <=90% <=90%
Protection Grade
Remote control Distance >30m. >30m.
Arm Swing Out(barrier hold)
Arm Swing Out(barrier hold) with pipi ruber
Arm Swing Outbarrier round
barrier straight sliding octagon
barrier straight with red pipi rubber
barrier straight with black pipi rubber
barrier straight with light Option Option
barrier straight octagon P P
barrier straight pressure wave rubber
barrier Max 90° folding arm
Manual Release yes yes
Motor Power Rate 电机功 50 watts 80 watts
Motor Rated Speed电机速 500 r / min 300 r / min
Operation Life 电机寿 >=350 million >=350 million
Atmospheric Pressure
Option  light for barrier  light for barrier
Support Infrared sensor YES YES
Support Vehicle Loop Detector Internal and External